Interactive Information

Instead of presenting the user with a lot of information all at once, this gizmo allows the user to choose what topics they are interested in the most at the moment.  This gizmo was developed for our Small Fish Technologies website, so you can experience it here!    We built a similar FAQ page for Enrollworks.

This is an idea approach for when you want to explain different things to different groups of people.  Rather than skim through a long document looking for a title among paragraphs, the user can simply select a topic they feel is appropriate.  It is an elegant way to engaging to the user and help define what they might be looking for.

  • Read what interests you
  • Engage the user
  • Target groups
Payment System

The payment system is established over a secure connection, and collects the necessary data to process a credit card.  Additional information is easy to collect.  There is the possibility for the form to auto-fill if a customer visits the form for a second time.

  • Secure
  • Robust
  • Auto-fill possible
Shopping Cart

The shopping cart allows for items to be added to a dynamic set of items for later purchase.  If a customer comes back to the site, the shopping cart remembers their previous selections.  The customer can delete or modify items in their shopping cart, until they are satisfied.  Upon submitting their order, and going through a payment form, their order is preserved and they are given a new empty shopping cart to fill.  The client is given the ability to view all orders.

  • Track items
  • Modify selections
  • See orders
Login System

The login system is for those clients with a customer base that would want to be able to log in and review or modify their own information.  Tristate Chamber and CCBS have dedicated members who can log in and change the information held by the client on them. 

We also provide a back end for the client to modify any record in their member database.

The typical login system checks an email against the members, and then sends that email a special one-use login link.  This is one of the most secure methods of logging someone in. 

Once logged in as a member, there is no way for the member to access any important data other than what they can edit.

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Tested
Database Interface

The database interface is another conerstone gizmo at Small Fish Technologies.  This interface facilitates getting in data and retrieved data from databases, and presents the data in an easy to comprehend format. 

The standard interface may easily be tweaked to handle data differently depending on client needs.  Multiple items across multiple databases can be linked together.  Tristate Chamber, for example, has articles that can be attributed to one or more of its representative businesses.  Those businesses can be located in one or more towns that are part of the region covered by Tristate Chamber. See how databases can link your site together. 

Database interfaces have even helped us creates this site!  What might they enable you to do?

  • Save data easily
  • Modify items
  • Link items
  • Results happen instantly

The blog was first requested by the Salisbury Forums, who needed a platform to publish various articles and upcoming events.  The blog has a search bar, and sorting based on year.  This blog uses the LPE internally to format the contents, so things like different fonts, bolding, and italicization is possible.

While comments were not desired by the client, it is functionality we have in mind to develop.  Other clients which have active blogs are CCBS.  The blog on CCBS has an innovative tagging system so that similar blog articles can be easily grouped together.

Both the blog articles and comments are editable by the client, in real time.

  • Blog about anything!
  • Easy to control and edit
  • Real-time changes
  • Commenting available
Item Gallery

There are many times where a gallery is needed to hold a set of images.  From commemorating your dog Sparky, to showing off a product, to documenting a house restoration, with our gallery interfaces we can tailor an array of images to suit your needs.

Several innovative ways that galleries have been utilized : Imagine Riding utilizes a gallery for the pictures in their home rotator.  Tristate Chamber has galleries for both their members and articles.

  • Display images
  • Desktop and mobile
  • Customizable
  • Many effects
Newsletter Editor

The newsletter editor was first suggested by two of our oldest clients, as a way to edit a potential newsletter before being sent out en masse.  The newletter editor uses our LPE gizmo to allow the editing of the newsletter document.  Once the content is finalized, it may be sent out to the various mailing list that the client has collected. 

Tristate Chamber also published many articles over the year that they would have liked to included in the newsletter.  We built a mechanism that allowed an article with all it's content to be appended to the existing newsletter.

  • Fully modify content
  • Pull content from various sources
  • Control who receives it
$500 - $1000
Newsletter Signup

A newsletter is one way to keep in touch with customers, and at Small Fish Technologies we can give your website a newsletter signup.  We can customize the signup box to your preferences.

  • Keep in touch with visitors
  • Customizable

The Live Page Edit (LPE) gizmo is a cornerstone of Small Fish Technology.  This allows clients to edit sections of their web pages in real time and save the changes.  All of the pages with basic content are build exclusively with this tool, to allow the client ease of modification later.

  • Real time editing
  • Immediate results
  • Secure and easy
Map Location Modifier
Scrolling Rotator

Tristate member logos get put into a timed rotator which cycles through the list of member logos.  Tristate additionally wanted each logo to link to that member's page.

Rotators have been enjoyed by many of our clients.  A beautiful rotator is on the Imagine Riding site.

We have many styles of rotators in our library.

  •  Timed or Static
  • Customizable
$100 - $500
Email to Article Interpreter

Developed for Tristate, the email to article interpreter parses through a received email, saves its images, and presents the document for review.  From there the document can be saved as an article, where it can be viewed by the public.  This gizmo was at the request of Tristate Chamber, who received many emails from members but did not have a efficient mechanism to copy the content to their site.

  • Captures images
  • Preserves format
  • Generate articles easily
Interactive Map

This is an interactive map showing member locations based on data collected for them.  On mousing over any of the icons, more information is displayed about the associated member.  The map uses Google's API.

  • Interactive
  • Show Locations
  • Info on Rollover
Community Calendar

The community calendar allows websites to post events, which appear both on their own calendar and on the larger community calendar.  A simple toggle between the two lets the user see the specific events, or the community events.  

  • Easy to Install
  • Styling fully cusomizable
  • Events hit large audience