Tri-State Chamber
Rebuilt Desktop by Small Fish Technologies (after)
100 / 100
Original Website (before)
60 / 100
Rebuilt Mobile (after)
100 / 100
  • Calendar of events
  • Articles tied to members
  • Member profile pages with map location
  • Interactive map of members
  • Email to article interpreter
  • Sponsor scrolling rotator
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Newsletter editor & sender
  • Newsletter archive
  • Member & article galleries
  • Member login to edit information
  • New member sign-up

The Tri-State Chamber of Commerce project required a collaborative platform to showcase businesses in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. Mechanisms were custom-built to manage and coordinate member profiles, showcase member events, and send newsletters to its members. Small Fish Technologies designed and built a custom website and backend administration platform, suited specifically to Tri-State's needs.