Contract A - to develop Guidelines of Project (based on Intro Schedule).

Schedule A - Scope of Project. Our strategy of reaching goals.

- Outline Project Estimate

- Design Instructions suggestions and examples

- Rough Layouts and text description of each page

- Programming Strategy

- Testing Needs

- Content Development Strategy (Text & Visuals)

- Marketing Goals Social, Search Engines and other ongoing efforts

- Client Meeting to Review

- SFT requires all materials needed for website development before we can proceed to Phase II (i.e. logo,   image files or prints, special fonts, appropriate access to 3rd party accounts if needed, etc.)

Upon approval of the Guidelines of Project and receipt of your materials we will contract for the remaining phases.


Contract B - to develop Content and Final Mockups (based on Schedule-A)

Schedule B - Design and Content Instructions

- Design (Desktop & Mobile)

- Text Content

- Image Development

- Final Page Mockups

- Social Media Mockups

- Client Meeting to Review


We make mockups for several reasons:

- Mockups are used so that our clients get exactly what they want and need.

- Mockups are used to flush out over looked needs (i.e. the "Home" button or a place for a logo)

- Mockups are used to clearly illustrate changes after we begin programming which are billable.

- Mockups are used so that our Programmers have clear direction.

- Mockups are used so that Staff who test the completed project know exactly what they are testing.

- Mockups are used to eliminate future recollection of past work request.

- Mockups are used so that work requests, in the future, allow a cost efficient method to illustrate changes (back to reason #1).

We have this process to save our client's budget by catching problems BEFORE programming.

We custom program your template in order to maintain the highest organic listings in the Google search engine. The best strategy for this delicate programming requires clear direction from the client via these mockups. Changes in the template(s) are possible, but often has a huge impact in retaining Google-compliancy, user retention, reduced cost-per-click advertising, speed of mobile and ease of content management.

We wait for the desktop mockups to be approved by our client before creating the mobile mockups to keep costs down from having to make unnecessary redundant multiple changes.

Upon approval of Final Mockups, with content, we will begin Programming.


Contract C - Website programming (based on Schedule B)

Schedule C - Beta Website

- Public Website 

- Private Website

- Set up email accounts

- Client Meeting to Review

Upon approval of Beta Website, we will begin extensive beta testing.


Contract D - Functional and User experience. (based on Schedule C)

Schedule D - Report of appropriate Browser and Devices Tested

Functional Testing:

- Top Browsers

- Top Devices (Desktop & Mobile)

- Public & Private

User Experience Feedback:

- Goal Based Feedback

- First Glance Feedback

- Client Meeting to Review

Upon approval of Extensive Testing for the website, we will cut over to the LIVE site for public use.


Contract E - For Ongoing Needs (based on Schedule A)

Schedule E - Marketing Goals (Social Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, 
                    Traffic Analysis & Reassessment)

Schedule E -Statistics & Analysis

- Marketing Strategy

- Client Meeting to Review

Upon reassessment, the Client may contract to evolve their project by repeating these five PHASES.